The more research I do on how we as people use technology, the more I learn how our smart devices control us just as much as we control them.

Our addiction to electronic technology has become a modern day idol.

Here are some ways I’ve tried to thwart this effect in my life:

  • Turning off my phone once a month for 24hrs
  • Having a “no screens during meals” policy
  • Reading paper books from the library
  • Finding non-tech forms of entertainment.  (A current love is printing puzzles from puzzledpint)
  • Using Facebook Feed Eradicator to block out social media distractions.
  • Disabling push notifications on my phone to respond to things on my time.
  • Avoiding reality TV unless it’s a social event
  • Strategically not taking my phone out to take photos of things other people are photographing
  • Choosing not to pull out my phone when I’m feeling bored or awkward

I’m on a quest to live life to the fullest. Being able to control my tech, not having it control me is crucial to the mission!