We had Chat GPT turn this letter into a poem. Wild! Enjoy:

Dear Family and Friends so dear,

In 2023, we grew, no fear.

Summer’s gone from baby small,

To a toddling tot, walking tall.

Her first word, “Alexa play,”

Music her heart sings all day.

Bath time giggles, joyous spree,

Dirty dishes, fun as can be.

Middle name picked, a grace to trace,

Summer Grace, in God’s embrace.

“Summer Danger,” a name’s delight,

Fearless climbing, reaching height.

Allergic to dairy and soy,

Mama and baby share the ploy.

Months later, with joy unfurled,

Allergy gone, a grateful world.

Mill City Church, where we reside,

Sunday joys, worship as our guide.

Merging churches, spirits blend,

A new sanctuary, old to mend.

Growth unseen, yet spirits soar,

Tony leads, systems to explore.

Summer Camps and rooms to play,

Magic tricks brighten every day.

In spring, to San Diego’s shore,

Friends and joy, an encore.

Shrimp burritos, Zoo, Disneyland’s sight,

Summer meets Jessie, oh what a delight!

Lacey works, her role profound,

Colleagues, books, and steps abound.

A health scare, but nothing severe,

Life’s moments cherished, so clear.

To our community, love we send,

For being with us till the end.

Thanks for reading, our tale in prime,

Reflecting on our past year’s rhyme.

Merry Christmas, love and cheer,

From Lacey, Tony, and Summer, my dear.