Tony Ducklow - Christian Youth Speaker and Trainer

Tony's Areas of Focus

Youth Speaker

Book Tony for your next Youth Event. He’ll make scripture come alive with humor, honesty, and the truth of Jesus through story-based teaching

Creative Programing

Take your next big project, camp, retreat, event, or ministry to the next level by implementing brainstorming techniques used by top creative agencies

Tech & Social Media

Social media, the internet, and mobile phones greatly affect teenagers. Parents, teenagers, and ministers learn skills to control technology, not have it control us.

Game Training

Connect students to your ministry with great games; theory, planning and a creative spark can create transformative environments

About Tony

Tony Ducklow is a ministry entrepreneur based out of Minneapolis. He has spent his career hanging out with youth workers and connecting them with really great resources. Tony currently serves as executive director of Summer Festival Camp; a four-day summer retreat experience focused on sharing Jesus with teenagers. He also runs Youth Ministry Land a youth ministry event and rental company, DJ's weddings, designs websites, and co-manages Lock and Key Escape rooms. He's got a keen eye for fun, humor and creating memorable experiences for young people. When not entrepreneuring, Tony loves traveling with his wife Lacey, studying the interworkings of what makes Disney World run, seeing movies in the theater, volunteering at his church and playing Batman-themed video games.

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