Tony Ducklow


Tony Ducklow is a youth speaker based out of Minneapolis. Tony has been speaking professionally at retreats, conferences, and camps for the last ten years. Teenagers connect with his down-to-earth, real world approach to faith. He loves sharing about Jesus with young people. He’s got a keen eye for fun, storytelling, and creating life-changing experiences.

Tony Ducklow is a must have speaker who speaks from the heart. His warm personality, professional manner, and ability to relate to real life is impeccable. He is laid back, funny, honest & relates to any audience. He was truly a blessing to our event.

Amy Johnston
Eastern Wisconsin Synod Youth Committee Chair

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Youth Worker Gatherings

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Math with Yelling (Game)

Math with Yelling (Game)

Break your group into pairs or triads. Have them turn back to back (to back). Have them hold out a certain number of fingers (and thumbs). You say lock in your fingers, and then count down 3, 2, 1. Everyone flips around and tries to be the first in their pair or triad...

What kind of week it’s been

What kind of week it’s been

Last week, in a word: weird.  For the first time in 22 summers, I did not attend a week of Summer Festival Camp. For obvious reasons, the board and leadership team of SFC decided to suspend our traditional programming model this summer. A hard choice. Yet, it is...