Creative Process: Soaking it all in

Originally posted at: Teaching teenagers how to follow Jesus can take every innovative bone in your body. In order to stay focused on this task, it’s important to develop a creative process discipline. Developing a discipline—even the discipline of creativity—can bear fruit in ministry. Creative processes often start with brainstorming or dreaming. These are important[…]


I love going to the movies. In my opinion, movies are better on the big screen and with an audience. For years I’ve told my wife that if I could afford it, I would go once a week. Imagine how pumped I was when I discovered MoviePass, a service that charges $9.95 per month to see[…]

Emoji Charades

Gameplay: Have students break into small teams and have each team send one person up to the stage (or front of the room) who is good at using emojis. Get your contestants onstage, where they can’t see the screen. Show the slide of five emojis with the countdown timer and watch the crowd act out the five[…]

Google’s 19

Here is some creative fodder for the day. Google turned 19 last month. To celebrate they created a wheel that chooses one of the many great google doodle games from the past few years. Lot’s of really fun ones! The best one IMHO is this one that came out Halloween 2016. The gameplay is fun.[…]

Word Crimes

Here is some creative fodder for the day. In my humble opinion, this is one of the greatest pieces of kinetic typography videos ever done. I recently stumbled upon a video telling the story behind the making of Weird Al’s Word Crimes music video: One guy, who is not a professional, made this amazing video in just ninety days. I’m[…]

Smart Devices Control

The more research I do on how we as people use technology, the more I learn how our smart devices control us just as much as we control them. Our addiction to electronic technology has become a modern day idol. Here are some ways I’ve tried to thwart this effect in my life: Turning off my[…]