One Shot Youth Talks:

(15-30 mins)

  • Light Rail Grace – Grace is a frequently used Christian term, but sometimes it can be hard to understand. Using a true story about a bad date and a light rail tunnel, Tony connects his understanding of grace to a modern application for today. Scripture: John 8:1-11
  • Light Bulbs – Light bulbs in our homes can go out slowly, one and a time, until we’re sitting in the dark and don’t know how we got there. By focusing on Peter having the courage to step out of the boat, Tony challenges us to have the courage to change the spiritual light bulbs in our own lives. Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33
  • I Believe in Miracles – God challenges us to do crazy things and every once in a while, crazy things happen when we trust miracles. The apostle Paul's life was peppered with these experiences. Scripture: Acts 28:1-6
  • Praying for Keeps –  Why does prayer matter? What does it do? In this message, Tony tackles thought questions around prayer. The message concludes in a challenge for listeners to engage in disciplined prayer life and strategies to make that happen in today's busy world. Scripture: Luke 18:13-14
  • This changes everything.  Much like characters in a movie, our loving God invites us into God’s story with a call to adventure which we can say yes to. When we do, it changes everything. Scripture: John 1:35-51
  • Revolution - A look at why Jesus came and his provocative first public message. Jesus challenged the Jewish leaders by saying, “The system you set-up is rigged to favor you, it oppresses people that God loves, we are going to reset it, to show God’s love for everyone.”  Scripture: Luke 4:16-30

These messages also make great sermons if your church needs a guest preacher or pulpit supply.

Youth Talk Progressions

(3-6 sessions, each about 25 mins in length. Great for weekend retreats, conferences, and camps.)

  • Walking with Jesus – A progression of talks looking at who Jesus was, how He taught us to live, and how following Him changes everything. Focuses on creating an understanding of the basic Gospel message.
  • Livin' It - A progression of five encounters Jesus has with everyday people, as seen in Matthew 8. As Jesus turns the world upside down for those he encounters, the audience learns how those encounters can be used to turn their own lives on their heads.

Youth Breakout Sessions

(45-70 mins)

  • Smart Technology – With smartphones in just about everyone's pocket, we have access to more instant information than at any point in history. All of this access to information changes how we think, learn, play, connect with people and connect with God. Discussion includes how to be a modern Christian amidst all of this technology.
  • Guy Chat – For guys only. A talk and discussion about how to be the kind of man God calls us to be. Specifically covers friendships, dating, porn, relationships, and sex. 

Parent Training:


  • Smart Tech & Social Media – The landscape of social media changes almost daily. This training will help you stay on top of the latest trends, use social media platforms to connect with your teens, and coach students to use, but not abuse, social media.

Youth Leader Training:


  • Taming the Whirlwind: Getting Thing Done in the Age of Distraction -  We'll talk about the beauty of constraints, reaching inbox zero, the pomodoro technique, and procrastinating on purpose. You’ll leave with a clear strategy and helpful tools to accomplish your goals, getting more done and growing your ministry.
  • Creative Programming - Tap into your creative side by learning basic strategies on how to create and execute creative programing. After learning a little theory, get a booster shot of creative programming ideas you can steal and adapt to your context.
  • Game On! – Learn how to lead games and where to look for good games.  Participants will have the opportunity to play 10-15 games you can start using in your ministry next week.
  • Social Media – The landscape of social media changes almost daily. This training will help you stay on top of the latest trends, use social media platforms to connect with your teens, and coach students to use, but not abuse, social media.
  • Ministering to Generation Z–  Context is king of ministry and understanding how young people see the world can significantly impact how we plan and execute our ministry. Learn about Gen Z, their cultural trends, and ways to love this generation.
  • Unlocking Creativity with Brainstorming –  Unlock the power of quality brainstorming to take your next youth event from "meh?" to "WOW!" Learn how to implement techniques that Disney, Apple, Summer Festival, and other top creative agencies use to create dynamic programming for your ministry.
  • The Teenage Brain - Looking at research from neurologists, sociologists, and development theorists; adults working with teenagers can gain priceless knowledge about how to best work with, parent and partner with teenagers.



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