The Summer Festival Camp Board approved a proposal for me to expand my Executive Director hours to two full days a week starting September 1st. This step is a big, fun, scary thing for all of us as we try to listen and respond to what God is doing through Summer Festival Camp. Our SFC team has been blessed with a 20% yearly increase in camp attendance over the last three summers, and we feel that the shorter model fills a need that churches and community ministries have for excellent relational-focused programming.

I’m excited to have more time to continue the efforts of sharing Jesus with teenagers each summer. My time as Executive Director will focus on networking with youth ministers, planning and executing our summer program, and connecting with current and new donors. These three things bring me much joy. 

I’ve also stepped into a part-time role of Director of Student Ministry at Mill City Church in Northeast Minneapolis. Lacey and I have been attending Mill City since 2017. We love Mill City’s focus on impacting our neighbors beyond Sunday mornings. I am excited to continue developing space for teenagers to believe and belong at Mill City. 

Our team at Mill City is passionate to help students follow Jesus during and after graduation. With Mill City’s culture of agility, we are in a unique position to experiment and innovate in these areas. I am excited to bring my entrepreneurial spirit to assist in finding effective ways to reach teenagers. 

In order to make time for all of the new, I’ve needed to step away from my Director of Communication job at the church in Victoria. I’ve learned a lot, enjoyed the work, and deepened friendships. I will remember my time there fondly. 

I will also continue DJing dances, designing websites, co-managing Lock & Key Escape Rooms, renting youth ministry gear, producing youth ministry events, and speaking at churches

I’m blessed to do work that I love, and I am incredibly grateful for all of the people in my community who make it possible. Seriously, thank you.

Tony <><