Illustration of a pink brain with a lightning


Prompts for youth ministry brainstorming:

  • What could we do for free, cheap, or get donated?
  • Who do we know outside of ministry that could help us do something awesome?
  • What in youth culture is hot that we can interact with?
  • What is something that might make a teenager’s jaw drop?
  • What are new ways we could interface with technology?
  • What are ways we could improve our structure of how we do what we do?
  • What are issues teens are dealing with today that they were not 5 years ago?
  • What are ideas for elements of our programming? (skits, games, music, themes)

Just as a reminder, whenever you are brainstorming keep in mind McNair’s 4 agreements of brainstorming:

  1. Creative thinking and critical thinking are separate activities
  2. All ideas, more ideas and wild ideas welcome
  3. Participate with “Yes, And” & “What if”
  4. No blocking