Creative Process: Soaking it all in

Originally posted at: Teaching teenagers how to follow Jesus can take every innovative bone in your body. In order to stay focused on this task, it’s important to develop a creative process discipline. Developing a discipline—even the discipline of creativity—can bear fruit in ministry. Creative processes often start with brainstorming or dreaming. These are important[…]

Emoji Charades

Gameplay: Have students break into small teams and have each team send one person up to the stage (or front of the room) who is good at using emojis. Get your contestants onstage, where they can’t see the screen. Show the slide of five emojis with the countdown timer and watch the crowd act out the five[…]

Creative Inspiration: Mickey’s Fun Wheel Challenge

 This October I made my yearly creativity pilgrimage. This year’s stops included a visit to my lifelong friend, Dan, in Silicon Valley and a stop at Disneyland & California Adventure. I loved it.      After a full day at Disneyland, I was waiting ever so patiently for the World of Color show to start. In order to help[…]