Smart Devices Control

The more research I do on how we as people use technology, the more I learn how our smart devices control us just as much as we control them. Our addiction to electronic technology has become a modern day idol. Here are some ways I’ve tried to thwart this effect in my life: Turning off my[…]

Complex Simplified

Explaining complex concepts in a simple way is a gift. Yesterday, on the radio I heard an awesome example of someone demonstrating this gift. Billion dollar super investor, Bill Ackman does a really nice job explaining what it means to ‘short’ something at the start of this Marketplace segment. The link is here. You can stop[…]

Spring Reading List

Necessary Endings: To move on to what’s next you have to let go of a few things. More true for me now, then ever. Kingdom Calling: A practical theology on how to empower lay people in “being a foretaste of heaven” The Design of Everyday Things: When you try to open the door the wrong way[…]

Working with Millennials Ministry

God has been tugging at my heart on what a Millennials ministry looks like. At my extended family’s Christmas party, my cousin showed me a SNL-style parody of a faux WorldVission organization that supports struggling millennials. I politely laughed along.  However, the jokes are stale and I’m getting tired of hating on my generation. There are only[…]


As many of you know, Youth Forum is taking a pause.  This has left me hunting for my next vocational adventure. I have a lot of exciting news on the job front: I’ve been asked to join the team at Youth Leadership. I’ll be working with a giant in the youth ministry world, Tiger Mcluen.[…]