Game Name: This or That + Pie In Your Face.
Supplies: A This or That PPT. Examples: (Lamentation or Taylor Swift LyricTrump Or Animal, Ice Cream or Paint Color), a Pie Face Game, Shaving Cream and 4 adult leaders willing to get a little messy. 

This is Pie Face:

Set Up:  Divide your group in about half (down the middle works great) and then have them get in groups of 3-8. Assign two adult leaders per half. Also, you may need to adjust the PPT to go to just the answers section. Pick two leaders, one from each side, to go first.
Game Play: Put up a slide of This or That. Go to the first group, they decide if they think it’s this or that. Reveal the answer. If they are right, the other half’s leader must go in the Pie Face machine and do one click. If their team is wrong, their leader goes in the Pie Face machine and does one click. Then go to the next group, repeating the process, except this time it’s worth three clicks. Keep going, adding more clicks for each round until one of the leaders is pied in the face. Then, reset and introduce the new leaders, repeat the process but start back at 1 click per round. Then if the crowd is still into it, have the winner’s play each other, repeating the process a third time.